Nakedize has two publishing imprints:

  • ESSENTIAL EDUCATION: Concise educational books sold directly to consumers.
  • MARSILIO PRESS: Fiction and general non-fiction (with ‘a philosophy bent’) books sold directly, via bookshops, and via online partners (such as Amazon).

Our online book shop also stocks a small selection of highly recommended books, as listed below.

Available now

Clear Concise Compelling: How to write less and achieve more by Simon Hertnon (2006)
Strong Sustainability for New Zealand: Principles and scenarios by SANZ Inc (2009)

In our publishing pipeline

After a long hiatus, Nakedize has a full publishing schedule starting with six super-concise eBooks.

Strategy topics: Systems Essentials, Transformation Essentials, Information Essentials
Skills topics: Thinking Essentials, Change Essentials, Writing Essentials

What’s next in our publishing pipeline?

Okw process stepBook (click to view in shop)RRP (NZD)Also avail. fromEssentials topic
1. Illuminate ValueEssentialism
The disciplined pursuit of less
by Greg McKeown
$34.99Book Depository
2. Design SolutionsThe Fifth Discipline
The art and practice of the learning organisation
by Peter Senge
$59.99Book DepositorySystems
Thinking Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman
$29.95Book DepositoryThinking
3. Design ChangeLeading from the Emerging Future
From ego-system to eco-system
by Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer
$46.00Book DepositoryTransformation
How to change things when change is hard
by Chip and Dan Heath
$29.99Book DepositoryChange
4. Design InformationSimple1
Conquering the crisis of complexity
by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn
$27.99Book DepositoryInformation
Clear, Concise, Compelling2
How to write less and achieve more
by Simon Hertnon

1. Simple is also highly recommended for participants of the Managing for Optimal Documents course.
2. Clear, Concise, Compelling is the course book for the full-day Writing Essentials course.

Future Nakedize books

The six ‘Essentials’ eBooks listed above will be combined into two digital and physical course books/textbooks titled Strategy Essentials and Skills Essentials, respectively.



The long-awaited business books Clarifying Transformation and The Price of Words are also being developed, as is a short text introducing Optimal Knowledge Working.