Improving Document Production course

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Victoria University iconNote: This course is open to individuals in Wellington through Victoria University Professional and Executive Development.

Why is this course essential?

As Edwards Deming (the father of Total Quality Management) wrote, ‘the performance of anyone is governed largely by the system that he works in,’ so, when there are performance issues with documents, managers need to learn how to improve the design and management of writing systems as much as writers need to improve their writing skills. If you manage (or commission) writers, this course will help you to replace busy, complicated workflows with simple (Lean) processes designed to set-up writers to efficiently provide value from their knowledge.

Why solving writing issues starts at the top
Why a familiar tone enhances complex advice

What does this course cover?

Part one: An introduction to ‘Optimal Knowledge Working’
The first half-day is a tailored version of the Introduction to Optimal Knowledge Working course.

Part two: Creating the conditions for optimal writing performance
The second half-day is a seminar/workshop in which you experience the process of redesigning one of your own document production processes. Key topics covered include:

  1. The conditions for optimal performance in general and optimal knowledge working in particular
  2. The qualities of effective documents in a context of extreme information oversupply
  3. The optimal information design (writing) process
  4. The conditions for optimal writing performance
  5. The importance of clear and confident briefs
  6. The benefits of pre-draft outlines and an explicit organisation-wide writing standard
  7. The nature of optimal (efficient, effective, sustainable) document production processes
  8. Ten levers for improving the performance of a managed document production process
  9. Change management techniques that aid process implementation
What will you learn?

On this challenging course you will learn optimal performance principles in the morning and, in the afternoon, you will apply them to the practice of optimal document production. You will learn how to:

  • Create the conditions for optimal document production
    • Support ‘Optimal Knowledge Working’
    • Meet a writer’s core needs
    • Support the optimal information design (writing) process
    • Provide clear briefs
    • Review pre-draft outlines
  • Analyse an existing document production process
  • Design an optimal document production process
  • Employ change management techniques to assist the adoption of a new process
How do you book this course?

You will find everything you need to know (course dates and booking instructions) on our courses page.

This course provides the best outcome when attended by an organisation’s entire leadership team. Contact us if you and your team are ready to transform the design and performance of your document production systems. All in-house courses are tailored.