Optimal Brands

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What is an optimal brand?

An optimal brand serves its organisation, providing a positive return on investment through:

  • positively reflecting the core values of the company and its wares
  • containing at least one unique element that makes it memorable and sets it apart from competitors
  • exciting customers and supporting their ambassadorship of the brand
  • being expressed proudly and consistently by all employees
  • being expressed in media and in locations that complement the brand
Brand audit service

A brand audit determines how well your branding is assisting your company, and comprises three steps:

  1. An interview to establish the core values of the company and its wares, as well as any existing advertising or marketing strategies.
  2. A review of the elements and instances of the brand. This involves reviewing logos and colour schemes, anonymously buying products or services, and photographing branding examples in situ.
  3. A report with findings, critical analysis, and recommendations.

Why brand audits make good sense

Brand design service

Nakedize does not offer a brand design service, but our design guru Jeroen ten Berge does, independently, through his own company, Jeroen’s Limited. (And yes, he has a healthy sense of humour as well as an incredible design talent.)

How do you book a service or get more information?

Please contact us to discuss or book an Optimal Brands project.

Frequently asked questions

Why commission a brand audit?
Brand audits provide independent brand performance intelligence. If your branding is performing poorly or, worse still, negatively, you’ll know about it, and you’ll know what to do to put things right.

Will a brand audit provide me with a new logo?
No, a brand audit involves critiquing all brand elements, but it does not provide alternative designs. This is to ensure the independence of our audits. However, at the conclusion of the audit you can contract anyone, including Jeroen (independently of the Nakedize audit), to perform remedial work or design a new logo.

How much will a brand audit cost?
Costs vary because the brand of new company with a single product or service can be audited in a few hours, while it might take a few weeks to audit the brand of an established multi-national. Contact us for a quotation.