The Price of Words

Coming from Nakedize Essential Education in 2019…

Clear, Concise, Compelling is the antidote, but what is the ailment? Simon is working on a provocative new book — aimed squarely at decision makers — on the full costs and implications of information overload. It’s called The Price of Words: How we’re spending more and learning less.

It’s time to revolutionize our attitude to information
Expanding on the insights covered in Nakedize’s new Improving Document Production course, The Price of Words will take leaders on a journey from information servitude to information mastery.

Simon Hertnon highlights the scale and true costs of the current information oversupply, the influence of information cutlture, and the principles of ‘optimal’ information.

Simon provides a simple five-step framework leaders can follow to change the information culture at their organisation and licence behaviours needed to produce clear, concise, compelling information.

Contact: simon[at]nakedize[dot]com