Welcome to Nakedize. We provide cutting-edge professional development training and resources for knowledge workers. We only cover essential topics and we only provide short courses and concise, easy-to-read texts.

Is your work worthwhile business or costly busyness?

 Knowledge Worker Red ZoneKnowledge Worker Green Zone
1.They work busily without questioning value or cost.They clarify and prioritize the value of their work before expending their finite resources.
2.They do what they’ve always done and their contributions look very similar to the status quo.They solve problems and realise opportunities by collaboratively designing creative solutions that suit the context and leverage the system. They aim for sophisticated simplicity and do not reinvent wheels.
3.They don’t do change management.They design the behaviour change that must occur for their solutions to be enacted.
4.They write how they’ve always written and their documents look like a thousand others.They design and deliver whatever information is needed for their solutions to be enacted.

Nakedize’s business is to help busy office workers to slow down and get on with cost-effectively solving problems and realizing opportunities.

To be useful and cost-effective, knowledge workers need to complete this circle

Nakedize Optimal Knowledge Working framework

Nakedize Optimal Knowledge Working Framework

…so Nakedize teaches the four steps

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Okw process stepCourses (one day unless noted)BooksConsultancyTalks
1. Illuminate ValueIntroduction to Optimal Knowledge Working1Optimal Goals
2. Design SolutionsPart 1 (Systems) of Strategy Essentials
Part 1 (Thinking) of Skills Essentials
3. Design ChangePart 2 (Transformation) of Strategy EssentialsOptimal Change
Part 2 (Change) of Skills EssentialsOptimal Change
4. Design InformationPart 3 (Information) of Strategy EssentialsOptimal Information
Part 3 (Writing) of Skills Essentials

Writing Essentials2
Optimal Information
Improving Document Production2Optimal Information

Wellington Uni-Professional logo1. Half day course. Included in the full-day Improving Document Production course.
2. This course is also delivered as public and private course through Wellington Uni-Professional.