Writing Essentials course

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Wellington Uni-Professional logoNote: This course is open to individuals through Wellington Uni-Professional. A condensed version of this course is also available as part of the Skills Essentials course.

Why is this course essential?

If restaurant kitchens were filled with untrained cooks, we would be forced to endure poor quality meals, frustrating delays, wasted ingredients, and inflated wage bills. Those who write as part of their jobs are professional writers, yet most are untrained. They can all produce documents, but not necessarily timely, cost-effective ones. In just one day, this course corrects this very common and very costly educational omission.

Simon Hertnon teaching Writing Essentials

What does this course cover?

Part one: Thinking (pre-drafting)

  • The system (the principles of successful communication)
  • The principles of persuasion
  • Writing to deliver value
  • The process of optimal information design
    • Clear briefs
    • Organised outlines
    • Confident first drafts
    • Polished final drafts

Part two: Writing-up (drafting)

  • The tools of written communication
    • The impacts of style
    • Familiar tone
    • Adhering to a plain language standard
    • Document structure and design
    • Headings and paragraphs
    • Sentence structure
    • Word choice
    • Numbers
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
  • Tips to elevate your performance from competent to excellent

All attendees receive a copy of the new (2021) second edition of Clear Concise Compelling writing guidebook by Nakedize founder, Simon Hertnon.

What will you learn?

The morning session of this course is focussed on being clear about why you should communicate, when you should choose the written medium, and what process you should follow to ensure your writing is worthwhile. In the afternoon session you will learn about making wise choices as you write-up your draft document from your outline. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to write more effectively and efficiently by confirming briefs and creating outlines
  • Effective document structure and design for any document
  • Why we overwrite and how to avoid the verbosity trap
  • The purpose and effective usage of all punctuation marks
  • How to critique and edit any document

Please note, in-house courses can be customised to focus on particular types of documents (emails, reports, business cases, etc) and particular business areas (customer service, finance, IT, etc).

How do you book this course?

You will find everything you need to know (course dates, booking instructions, and booking conditions) on our courses page.

For groups, if you have already checked out the booking conditions for in-house courses, please contact us and we will give you a call to confirm your requirements.