Strategy Essentials course

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Why is this course essential?

As knowledge workers it is our job to make things better – to solve problems and realise opportunities. If we don’t understand systems, we can end up making schlimmbesserungs – ‘improvements’ that make things worse. If we don’t understand transformation, we can end up improving things that are entirely inappropriate whilst chewing through the vital resources needed to design and implement what is appropriate. And if we don’t understand information, we can end up creating unreadable documents that cost far more than they achieve.

What does this course cover?

This course teaches you the principles and essential processes of managing and designing systems, of identifying the need for and creating the conditions for transformation, and of managing the creation and profitable utilisation of information.

What will you learn?

The Strategy Essentials course has three parts:

  • Systems strategy (for designing solutions)
  • Transformation strategy (for designing change)
  • Information strategy (for designing information)

Systems strategy
Understanding the nature and influence of systems
Because ‘the performance of anyone is governed largely by the system that [s]he works in’ (Edwards Deming), we need to understand systems if we wish to improve the performance of ourselves and those we manage. This course explains how systems connect, support, and influence every aspect of our lives, and teaches you how to incorporate systems thinking into the ideas you develop for every aspect of your job.

Transformation strategy
Clarifying transformation and how it differs from improvement
Most change is a form of improvement, but when systems and solutions are out-of-date they need to be revalidated or redesigned — this is the process of transformation. This course explains the differences between improvement and transformation, and provides a framework for leading transformation in any organisation.

Information strategy
Clarifying information oversupply and strategies for producing optimal information
Because the old adage ‘you can never have too much information’ is no longer true, we need to understand the impacts of information oversupply and the nature of ‘optimal’ information in the digital age. And because culture dictates behaviour, we need learn how to refresh our information culture, not just our writing skills, if we want to produce effective, valuable information. This course provides practical strategies for leading an organisation from the costly stresses of information overload to the competitive advantages of producing truly useful information that is clear, concise, and compelling.

How do you book this course?

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