Nakedize’s innovative educational resources have all evolved from a mixture of research, thinking, design, and decades of commercial experience. Your organisation can call on all that thought leadership and experience through our three consultancy services. These services are provided by Nakedize principal Simon Hertnon.

ServiceSpecialtiesHow the service provides value
Optimal Goals Goal auditsBecause great actions are inspired by great goals, Simon provides independent criticism of your strategic goals, enabling you to confidently proceed, modify, or transform.
Goal designAs a facilitator and co-designer, Simon helps you and your team to design goals that licence optimal performance.
Optimal Change Change auditsBecause improvement and invention cannot occur without change, Simon provides independent criticism about the change culture, capability, and processes of your project or organisation.
Change designAs a change manager, Simon helps you and your team to identify the behaviour changes needed to bring about the cost-effective adoption of a new or improved product, service, process, or tool, and then to design activities and supporting information to systematically bring about that change
Optimal Information Information auditsBecause information can both help and hinder organisations, Simon provides independent criticism of your the quality, quantity, organisation, usefulness, and cost of your information.
Information designAs a writer and editor, Simon helps you and your team to design cost-effective documents that achieve their goals.
Unlike most consultants, Simon is equipped to teach as he troubleshoots

Consultants are typically hired to troubleshoot – to fix a costly problem, or to temporarily plug a capability gap. Sometimes the work is ‘one-off’, but much more commonly the skills required for the work are needed in other areas, or at future times. So one shortcoming with consultants is that there is no residue of skills after the project or assignment is completed.

Education is the driving force behind Nakedize, so we will always offer to educate as part of our service delivery. Finding the simplest ways to explain the most useful knowledge is our speciality.

How do you book a consultancy service or get more information?

You can find more information about each service via the links above, or contact us to discuss or book a project. Our standard consultancy rates are NZ$1500 per day or NZ$200 per hour, plus GST.