About Nakedize

Nakedize was established as a family business by Simon Hertnon in April 2004.

From 2005 to 2020, Simon was assisted in his quest to provide essential education to knowledge workers by Dutch-Kiwi designer Jeroen ten Berge.

In 2015, Simon’s wife, Simone, established Bella Donna personal styling as a new business division of Nakedize.

In 2018, Nakedize took over the management of Simon’s publishing imprint, Marsilio Press, which publishes Simon’s general non-fiction books. All Simon’s books have a philosophy bent.

In 2019, we launched another new business division, Nakedize Distribution, that distributes (locally) books by Simon and other select New Zealand authors.

What is the purpose of Nakedize?

Here’s the short answer.

We provide simple training services that dramatically improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge workers, so they are better equipped to help us all.

We’re still thinking about the long answer.