Optimal Goals

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What is an optimal goal?

An optimal goal should lead to a holistically positive outcome — it should make things truly better. As part of that it should:

  • motivate and inspire those involved
  • acknowledge and embrace limitations
  • meet needs without detriment to others (or to their ability to meet their own needs)
  • leave the environment in a healthy (or healthier) state

In our experience, most knowledge workers expend their precious energy and intellect working on sub-optimal goals that do not meet these criteria.

To help your organisation to set optimal goals we can:

Goal audit service

Because great actions are inspired by great goals, Simon provides independent criticism of your strategic goals, enabling you to confidently proceed, modify, or transform. A goal audit is an independent, cross-disciplinary examination of a goal, preferably pre-implementation, and involves three steps.

  1. Preparation: Simon reviews your enquiry, confirms details, researches, writes questions, and schedules the meeting.
  2. Meeting: Simon meets with you for around two hours. You tell him about your goal, he asks questions and interprets your responses.
  3. Report: Simon writes up his findings, analysis, and recommendations (with the basis for each).
Goal design service

As a facilitator and co-designer, Simon helps you and your team to design goals that licence optimal performance. Choose this service if you want to brainstorm ideas and learn more about optimal goals.

How do you book a service or get more information?

Please contact us to discuss or book an Optimal Goals project.


Frequently asked questions

Why commission a goal audit?
Goal audits provide fresh questions and independent advice on key endeavours.

If you are at the idea stage, you will learn about holistic strengths or fundamental flaws prior to committing resources.

If you are at the review stage, you will be better equipped to confidently decide whether to continue with, modify, redo, or cease a project or endeavour.

How much will a goal audit cost?
The total fee is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. To book an audit will require payment of a non-refundable deposit of NZ$500 (plus GST for New Zealand customers) and travel costs (for interviews not held in Auckland or Wellington).

Where do goal audit interviews take place?
Wherever it suits you but, ideally, somewhere closely related to your goal and where you will feel able to communicate freely.

What if my situation is to complex to explain in a couple of hours?
This is unlikely. While solutions can be very complex, goals (and problems) can usually be summed up in minutes. Background information and ‘complicating factors’ can take time but these details, if relevant, can be provided before or after the interview.

What if I don’t like the advice?
How you respond to the report’s findings and recommendations is up to you. If you don’t think the advice is worth the price tag, don’t pay the balance of the bill (but please tell Simon why).