Marsilio Press

Marsilio Press iconMarsilio Press is the trade imprint of Nakedize Limited.

Contact: info[at]nakedize[dot]com

Marsilio Press publishes Simon Hertnon’s general non-fiction and fiction (as William Henry) titles.

  • all digital (eBook) versions
  • (from 1 November 2018) print versions in New Zealand
  • (from 1 March 2019) print versions Australia

Marsilio Press also sells rights (including translation, audio, and film rights) in territories outside of New Zealand and Australia.

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Non-fiction titles by Simon Hertnon

eBook: Endangered Words: Simon Hertnon’s guided tour of one hundred exceptional rare words
Paperback: Love and Logic: a bloke’s guide to commitment (NZ first edition, 2001)
eBook: Love and Logic: a bloke’s guide to commitment (UK Kindle edition, 2013)
eBook: The Real Man’s Guide to Commitment Phobia (US Kindle edition, 2013)

Fiction titles by Simon Hertnon as William Henry

eBook: The Julian Calendar (1 October 2018) eISBN: TBC
Trade paperback: The Julian Calendar (1 November 2018) ISBN: 978-0958235556