Nakedize Essential Education guides

This year we will release the first of our 24-page Essential Education guides.

The guides will be published as e-books and, subsequently, as print-on-demand physical books.

Each topic is introduced within the context of Optimal Knowledge Working, and each guide answers three questions.

  • WHY does the skill or strategy matter?
  • WHAT are the skill or strategy’s essential principles and facts?
  • HOW do you deliver value through the skill or strategy?

The first guide we will publish is Change Essentials, which will be released soon after the second edition of Clear Concise Compelling (around mid-May).

Thinking Essentials This guide outlines fast and slow thinking, universal biases, and the modes of thinking that help us to critique existing solutions and creatively design new ones.Skills
Change Essentials This guide explains the conditions for behaviour change and teaches you how to plan for, roll out, and manage that change.
Writing Essentials This guide is a super-concise version of Clear Concise Compelling.
Systems Essentials This guide explains how systems connect, support, and influence every aspect of our lives, and teaches you how to incorporate systems thinking into the ideas you develop for every aspect of your job.Strategy
Transformation Essentials This guide explains the differences between improvement and transformation, and provides a framework for leading transformation in any organisation.
Information Essentials This guide provides practical strategies for leading an organisation from the costly stresses of information overload to the competitive advantages of producing high-value information that is clear, concise, and compelling.
Sustainability EssentialsThis guide will be an updated, super-concise version of Strong Sustainability for New Zealand, and will spell out what sustainability is and how to build it into everything you do.

We will regularly update this information.